About the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor (EATC)

Locate your business in the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor to have the fastest, safest and most affordable option to transport goods to and from major economic centres across Canada and into the United States.

Founded in 2008, the EATC is a partnership of three Regional Economic Development Alliances that represent the full geography of the region:

Together, these three organizations work on behalf of over 80 communities in Eastern Alberta, to accomplish their vision  and mission: “To lead collaborative investment, marketing and diversification efforts for Eastern Alberta.” The EATC also works in association with the North American Ports to Plains Corridor linking the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The EATC is part of the World’s 2nd largest oil reserves – the Alberta Oil Sands. It provides investors with business opportunities and direct access to Eastern Alberta’s most successful companies, whether related to oil & gas, agriculture, manufacturing, defense, tourism or transportation and distribution sectors.

Reasons to Invest in the EATC
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