Regional Data Centre

Welcome to the EATC Regional Data Centre (RDC). The RDC features data sets in table and chart form that display the EATC membership of over 80 communities in eastern Alberta – approximately 25% of the municipalities in the Province of Alberta.


The RDC is a tool designed to assist Alberta HUB (Northern EATC Region), the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (Central EATC Region), and Palliser Economic Partnership (Southern EATC Region) field data driven inquiries from site selectors and investors interested in relocating or expanding a business in the EATC region.


The RTC is driven by an SQL database, and fed with various data sets acquired by the EATC. Most of these data sets are procured from Statistics Canada, but the RDC is highly expandable and can integrate data from many sources.

Tools and Outputs:

Each of the data sets listed in the menu below will be displayed in table and chart format.

  • The Table will be at the top of the page, entitled “EATC Searchable Report.” The data can be queried for specific regions or communities. And reports can be printed, or exported in six different formats including PDF, HTML, or spreadsheets.
  • The Chart function is broken down into four charts. The data can be charted by for the entire EATC region, or it can be charted by North, Central, or South regions. Inside the North, Central, or South regional charts, the user may define which specific community(s) they want to query. And reports can be generated and printed, or exported in five different formats including PDF, HTML, or spreadsheets.

Data Sets

Below are the data sets that are presently featured in the RTC:

Statistics Canada Census Profile 2011

Statistics Canada National Household Survey 2011
Labour – Status and Class of Worker
Labour – Occupation
Labour – Industry NAICS
Income – Individual
Income – Household
Housing – Type
Housing – Rooms
Housing – Cost
Housing – Age of House
Education – Highest Level Attained
Education – Major Field of Study

Statistics Building Permits 2010-2015
Building Permits – Residential
Building Permits – Non-Residential
Building Permits – Total